Study BSc Economics

"As an international student from South Korea, both the location and the global reputation of the university are important when choosing a course. I received offers from other great universities, but I chose Bristol due to the good balance between domestic and global ranking. […] In an increasingly globalised world, I am privileged to have studied in such a rich and diverse environment."

Heemang Lee Chan - BSc Economics

    About BSc Economics

BSc Economics is based on a series of core courses in micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics, which you will study in all three years. At the same time, a variety of optional units gives you the opportunity to study such areas as:

  • environmental economics
  • behavioural economics
  • globalisation and development
  • the history of economic thought
  • industrial economics
  • international economics
  • labour economics
  • macroeconomic theory and policy
  • courses from other departments within the school.

In each year of study the available topics include econometrics, which are methods developed by economists to analyse economic relationships using empirical data. Econometrics builds on ideas taken from statistics, maths and economic theory and is a key part of all our degrees.

In 2015 (the most recent graduation cohort at the time of writing), 89% of students on this programme earned a 2:1 or First-class result.

    Course structure

    First year

  • Economic Principles 1
  • Economic Principles 2
  • Mathematics and Statistics 1
  • Mathematics and Statistics 2
  • 40 credit points of options (usually 2 subjects)

    Second year

  • Intermediate Economics 1
  • Intermediate Economics 2
  • Econometrics

    Third year

  • Applied Economics Dissertation

100 credit points of options which must include at least two of the following units:

  • Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
  • Applied Economics Project
  • Advanced Microeconomics.

"I first chose Economics for the wide variety of job prospects it offers but I quickly realised how interesting it can be. I love the very analytical approach to it that the University of Bristol takes, which I think makes you develop essential skills for any jobs in the financial services or in consultancy. There is a huge list of options to choose from at the second and third year levels, so every student can find someone he/she likes in Economics."

Alexandre Weil - BSc Economics and Econometrics